Mheri Dur (2017)
for solo voice and choir a cappella

Judas mercator pessimus (2017)
for 6 voices a cappella

Labia Mea (2016)
for 8 amplified voices a cappella

Change (2016)
for mixed chorus

Novum Gaudium (2015-16)
for mixed chorus, organ, and percussion

Wage Peace (text by Judith Hill) (2011)
for mixed chorus

Tribulationes (excerpts from the Psalms) (2010)
for mixed chorus

Stabat Mater (2010)
for mixed chorus

Ilik (folk text)(2009)
for female chorus

Dzaynik (text by Komitas Vardapet) (2009)
for female chorus

Anegh Bnutiun (text by St. Nerses Shnorhali) (2008)
for female chorus
version for male chorus (2009)

Laudate Dominum (text from Psalm 150) (2008)
for mixed chorus

Domine Deus (text from the Gloria) (2007)
for 7 mixed voices

Tantum ergo (text by St. Thomas Aquinas) (2006)
for mixed chorus

Lux aeterna (2004)
for mixed chorus

Luys Zvart - Joyful Light (text from an ancient Greek sacred text [Armenian translation] )(2001)
for female chorus
version for mixed chorus (2006)

Voghormya - Lord, Have Mercy (text from Psalm 50 [Armenian translation]) (2000)
for mixed chorus

Kesgisher - Midnight (text by Vahan Teryan) (1999)
for mixed chorus

Tkhur meran... - Sadly Departed (text by Vahan Teryan) (1999)
for female chorus


Epitaphios (2015)
for String Quartet

Gandz (2014)
for 8 instruments

Qarerg (2013)
for 10 instruments

Deperson (2013)
for flute, clarinet in B, violin, cello and piano

Hunting the Hunter (2012)
for clarinet in B, marimba, piano, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass

Deux Silhouettes féminines (texts by Paul Fort, Yeghishe Charents) (2007)
for soprano, clarinet in B, violin, cello, piano,

Selbstvergessenheit (2006)
for 2 clarinets, cello, piano,

Music for 13 (2002)
for 13 instruments (Fl.Ob.Cl.Hn.Tpt.Tbn.Tba.Pno.2Vln.Vla.Vcl.Cb.)

String Quartet (2000)

Sonatina (1999)
for clarinet, piano

Poem (1998)
for cello, piano


Bagatelle (2015)

Vergißmeinnicht (2006)

Variations (1999)

Visions (1997)


Mythis (2008)
for 18 strings

Ter yete (God, if) Cantata (2003)
for mixed chorus and large orchestra


Nani (2012)
for male voice solo

Cette fille... (2006)
for soprano, flute, clarinet, cello, piano


Usti Gukas - (Sayat Nova) (2012)
for clarinet, marimba and cello

Sirt im sasani - (13th-century Armenian chorale) (2002)
for mixed chorus

Khorurd metz (Moses Khorenatsi) (2002)
for mixed chorus