Theoria (Greek word for contemplation) is the first LIVE, improvised a cappella composition in my new vocal style. The piece combines imitated sounds of nature with elements of ancient non-western singing styles (such as overtone singing and throat singing) as well as some novel vocal techniques (e.g. vocal multiphonics, undertones etc).

I use a Boss RC-505 looping station. There are no FX (except reverb and some basic EQing) used in the work, so every sound that you hear is actually produced by my voice.
I use Shure BETA-52A mic for bass sounds as the vocal dynamic microphones don’t have the appropriate low frequency response.


Etude No. 1 for male voice solo 2015 (rev. 2017). Premiered on 12.06.17 at La Sala Rossa, Montreal during Codes d’accès concert series.